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The TRUTH about parenting


When you understand


you can access and hold onto this power


It will repair + renew your mind, approach + experience of parenting!

You are your child’s only answer and you have to remain the answer.

You have to know how to keep attachment through their entire childhood.

If they’re attached, you have all you need. This is how it was made to WORK!

It's do I get my child to be good? 

It's...does my child want to be good for ME?  ONLY if they're attached!

Right now you have no idea what your job is and you’re looking outside yourself for the solution.

Or you’re labeling behavior all kinds of things it’s NOT.

You’re wasting time, energy, money and their childhood on band-aids!

You weren't told this foundational concept


It's the most important, missing piece in raising your child.

To know how you were designed to do this.

How development is supposed to happen.

Without it you’re doing everything in opposition to attachment.

You’re wiring their bodies to adapt.

You’re keeping them stuck.


They won’t develop into their fullest potential or maturity.

They’ll grow older but not truly grow up.

They’ll become an adult that will need to spend their life healing.

Nature IS and HAS the ultimate purpose.

We’ve been so far removed from nature and disconnected from our bodies. 

What we now think is “normal” is not at all natural.

We messed with something that was not broken!

It was all set up perfectly and precisely, in a nice little village ☺


We’ve gone against it. We’re lost. We don't even know our place.

We’re full of confusion, doubt, overwhelm and more.

We're left parenting from a place of fear! 


Every day in every direction we're being sold something targeted at those vulnerable parts.

There will never be a shortage of experts, books or advice.

But there is ONE thing that matters BEFORE any of that will even help.

It's what you need to BE instead of thinking it's something else you need to do. 

You can't reason or talk or explain your way through this.

It's not a skill you need to learn or teach them. It doesn't happen in your head!

Attachment does the work. Your work is to keep them attached. 


We have to go back to how we were created. Not how society wants us to be.

It wasn’t meant to go this way. When you know...You’re empowered. 

When you step into your intended role and get out of the way...

Your child will turn out better than you could ever plan.

And you get to enjoy this journey together, as you BOTH deserve!

This is how you become the parent you want to be.

This is how you connect back to the parent you were made to be.

It wasn’t meant to go this way. When you know. You’re empowered. 

When you step into your intended role. Get out of the way. Your child will turn out better than you could ever plan.

And you get to enjoy this journey together. As you BOTH deserve!

This is how you become the parent you want to be. This is how you connect back to the parent you were made to be.


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A break down of Attachment, the Nervous System and Quantum Parenting!

Rather than dumbing you down, keeping you relying on prescriptive fixes,

superficial strategies, or surface level tactics... I’ll give you insight to make sense of it all.

Clarity where there is confusion. Perspective where there is frustration. Truth where there is fear. 


I’ll tell you the attachment needs of children so that you can become the answer to those needs.

I’ll explain behavior so that you see the root cause. It can't be changed by teaching or discipline. Only through this innate drive. Or you'll forever be chasing symptoms.

When you have attachment. You become the answer. Whether they like it or not ☺

It will never matter what works for anyone else. No tool, trick, tip or script you try.

You'll see how this all connects together and works in specific order.

You'll know how to find this grounded power, unshakeable confidence and

deep connection to parent in real alignment with you and your child's body.


Nature takes care of us by getting us to take care of each other.

You become the answer to your child when you take care of their attachment to you.

Just hearing these concepts brings awareness. It's enough to shift SO MUCH in your life right now!

I'll send the Attachment Audit/Stuck Checklist + Simple Spiral Steps too.

H i ! I'm Jen


Being a Mom is hard and your hard is different from mine, but the reason why it’s hard is the same.

I promise it comes down to 2 root causes, attachment and the nervous system, and they have to be the basis of your parenting,

If you want to do this right! Yes, there's actually a right way. It’s the only way your child will possibly get to their fullest potential.

The only way they won’t be wired from adapting and coping. Or make it to the end of the developmental timeline to maturity.

When you have your focus and awareness always pointing to these 2 places, you'll never lose your way again.

And it will touch every part of your life and make it better! ☺


I’m pretty sure I’ll probably never choose the word easy to describe parenting, but what I need you to know is, the concept is simple.

It’s hard because we don’t even know we have the option. That we're supported every step of the way. We don’t know nature has our back!


I’m not sure why it’s not the very first thing every mom is told. Or how with all there is to consume this isn’t loudly and boldly in our face.

This is the only explanation. It’s literally how our bodies are wired. 

Why are we ignoring that simple truth? Why are we told in every way to work against it?

It’s absolutely how we can parent effectively. And we think we’re crazy, broken or a mess?!


I’m SO PASSIONATE about parenting, because I know it’s on me. 

I’m THE ONE who will keep them whole and get them to their fullest potential.

So I wake up every morning and I want to do my best and be my best for my girls

I want to guide them to live fully and internally driven from their truth. 

I want them to authentically be all they came here to be in full expression.

I want them to spend their lives LIVING and BEING, with not one moment, searching.

I don’t want them to waste their lives getting back to the place they have right now! 


Their essence is pure and full of THEIR truth. I want to keep it that way.

I know that comes from their attachment to me and a safe and rested nervous system.

They stay whole when their energy isn’t pulled outside themselves to protect or defend.

And that’s what's happening with alarm and no attachment.​


When you know better (at least for me) I have to do better. I can’t not know or ignore or forget.

And to know there is actually a right’s SUCH a GIFT!! Every day I see and feel solid proof it is working in so many ways. 


This isn’t like I hope or this might work for you because it did for me. Nope! This is literally how we were made. There is no exception here. Human?! This will work.


Parenting shouldn’t feel like a puzzle or a mystery or a burden. Because we don’t have time for that! 

That was my biggest fear…I was going to miss it! I thought I’d never find what I needed for it to feel good…in time.

That they'd grow up and it would never stop sucking, I'd never find the joy, and I'd mess them up.


Then a car hit my house 2 inches from Chloe’s crib. A portal opened for my healing and to all of this hidden, secret information.

The nervous system and attachment is the root cause, always has been, always will be. I'm beyond grateful that I get to share it with you. 

It fascinates me how it all connects and touches every part of our lives. It feels like magic or a miracle...but that's just Nature! 

And that's something I've always known. You'll remember too. This is our collective truth. I'll help you find what's already within you.


You don’t have to be perfect or healed. You don’t need strategies. No products. Just some time spent with me in The Mom Spiral! ☺♥


The hardest part can be being with them or ourselves. It’s simple, it really is and the concept is actually so perfect.

You heal yourself while being with them, which is everything and all they need to truly learn emotional regulation.

I give you all the ways to actually show up. The BEING part! The how real life, in real time. 

Being a parent is about feeling and healing our way through this.

It's all about connection and attachment for both of us. That's what they truly NEED on a primal biological level.

By being with in different ways is how you have to approach this relationship and keep attachment in place and strong.

I give lots of examples and inspiration and also the foundational information behind it.

I deeply believe in empowering our kids. 

So I give you many ways to implement this through the body which is only where this all happens and wires.

How to model it, plan together and with easy explanations for them. 


These are my best essential tools to set you up in understanding and connection to your body,

which is truly where this all starts! This is how you embody and empower your life.

And the only way you can teach your kids to do the same.

Resources and guidance to equip you with lots of insight and inspiration

Simple Spiral Steps

Kid Spiral Steps

Connection Collection

Self Time Collection

Simple Somatic Practice

Attachment Audit + Stuck Checklist



Baby Attachment










Limits + Boundaries



The details of each Spiral to help you decide which will be best for you.


Find out what Neuro-Somatic intelligence is.

How powerful and impactful this coaching can be in transforming your LIFE.

It's a personalized approach to your very own body and specific concerns! There's no better way.

Coaching packages are available for your specific concerns. However I can support and guide you.

I can customize a plan just for you, your child, or situation.

Along with many years of other training in many body based modalities and my own intuitive gifts,

I know I can help you reach new levels of relating to yourself and your child.

Your body, emotions, energy, parenting and life!

70 + Activities, Tools, Videos to Equip, Inspire + Empower Your Kids!

A resource library filled with impactful, purposeful methods that can be used for a lifetime.

A unique collaboration covering a myriad of skills.

​A broad range of extraordinary ways for kids to build a strong inner world.

Ideas to weave into ways of being and daily life.

Interactive videos for your kids with other kids.

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nature’s most favored pattern of growth

most effective deployer of its energy

life inducing, protecting, supporting

weaving its magic from vanishingly small

to unimaginable huge levels of existence

how the Universe shapes us


Life's path isn't a straight line, it is a Spiral.

You continually come back to things, 

for deeper truths.

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