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1. Parenting was designed to be easy

2. You have the power right now

It’s not maybe or Maybelline…you were born with it!


Parenting shouldn't feel like a mystery, a puzzle or a burden,

BUT IT DOES because 2 things

We've been so far removed from nature and disconnected from our bodies.

We have no idea we have this innate drive within us, so we don't use it.


Simple practices to show you the power you have right now! 

VITAL Talk + access to the full ARSENAL

This isn't mainstream advice. It's not fluff, BS, bypassing or band-aids!

It's how you were made to do this. 


that will change your approach and experience of parenting like nothing else you have ever heard.

Hi! I'm Jen

Being a Mom is hard and your hard is different from mine,

but the reason why it’s hard is the same.

I PROMISE, it's only ever 2 things, attachment or the nervous system,

and they have to be the basis of your parenting!

When you focus in these 2 places, you'll never lose your way again.


Ready for the best news? You'll never need anyone ever again...after me ☺

I promise again (and I don't do empty promises, I promise) I'm here to EMPOWER YOU. 

I’m not sure why it’s not the very first thing we're told. Or how with all there is to consume this isn’t loudly and boldly in our face. It's crazy to me that in 2024 we have to pay for what's already ours and essentially free.

This knowledge has been hidden, kept secret and is buried beneath all our conditioning from a society that wants us reliant on all the fake, quick fix, instant gratification, dopamine hits. That only leaves us feeling crazy, broken and a mess.

Attachment and YOUR Nervous System (aka your body) is absolutely how you can parent effectively and enjoyably.

This isn’t like I hope or this might work for you because it did for me. Nope! This is literally how our bodies are wired.

There is no exception here. Human?! This will work.

You don’t have to be perfect or healed. You don’t need another tip, trick or tactic. No products or pills. 

Just some time spent with me in The Mom Spiral! ♥


This is purposeful scrolling ☺ Scroll on, scroll on

Remember the good ol' days...

This used to work because we lived in tune and commune with nature.

We didn’t have to consciously know because we were a part of the natural order.

What you now see as common or typical or feel is normal is not at all natural or healthy!

We messed with something that wasn’t broken. 

More good news... We're down the village, but we still have attachment.


We’re full of confusion, doubt, overwhelm and we’re left parenting from a place of fear.

Every day in every direction we’re being sold something targeted at those vulnerable parts. 

They make you think it’s something it’s not. Then you blame it on your kid’s behavior.

Or it’s about you and all your not good enoughness. Try harder. Be better. Do more. 

This is how you shift out of the survival mode you’re stuck in.

The loop. The Groundhog Day. The consistent and constant struggle.

This is how you transform your life.

Ready to stop winging it and start feeling like you’ve GOT this?

What would happen if every expert, doctor, therapist, book, podcast and social media post was gone?

You would still have it! No one can ever take this away from you. 

So stop wasting your LIFE anywhere else. Your time, energy, money and their childhood on band-aids! 

When time is your currency you have to spend it in the right place.

I don’t want you getting to 18 and regretting for a second you didn’t know this SIMPLE (like stupid simple way)


Do you feel my expression?☺ I can’t believe you don’t know you have the option.

How do you not know you’re supported every step of the way? That nature has your back!

THROW AWAY YOUR TO-DO LIST (all of them, not just your parental one) 

Your nervous system is YOU. It'll touch every part of your life! 

There is actually a good, right and best way to do this. And you don’t have to figure it out. 

It’s who you need to be instead of thinking it’s something else you have to do.

It’s not a skill you have to learn or parenting style you have to master. 

Attachment does the work. Your work is to keep them attached. Their entire childhood.


You step into your intended role, get out of the way and they'll turn out better than you could ever plan.

And you get to enjoy this journey together, as you both deserve!

This is how you become the parent you want to be.

This is how you connect back to the parent you were meant to be.

You need to know how development is supposed to go. Otherwise you’re doing everything in opposition to attachment.

You’re wiring their bodies to cope. You’re keeping them stuck.

They won’t develop into their fullest potential or maturity. They’ll grow older but not truly grow up!

You and your child need to feel safety to your core. Not just surface level connection. Not even all the I love you’s.

The unconditional love you’re trying to give isn’t enough until it’s grounded in safety.

This is achieved when you’re both resting in attachment. This deep and primal need has to be met. 

We’ve spent our lives being told what not to do or be…which really is just being HUMAN.

Stop feeling. Stop moving. Do it this way. Don’t do it that way. You should. You can’t. No!

You were encouraged to not trust yourself and your body did its best and adapted. 

You need to feel and listen. It's that simple.

If you can honor your body, you can live in balance and goodness.

You’ve got to be a rebel in a world that promotes complete disconnection.


You'll essentially learn how to be human and along with that have your power to parent another human☺

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