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Trauma-Informed, Neuro-Somatic Parenting Coach
Breathwork Facilitator. Reiki
 Master. Energy Healer. Health + Wellness Advocate
Mom + Wife + Daughter 


I'm highly sensitive. An empath. I needed calm and quiet...far from Motherhood right?!

Thrown right out of my comfort zone forever. And as time went on I kind of thought I wasn’t meant for it.

I felt like I was failing, daily! This was not even close to how I actually felt about my girls,

how much I loved them and so desperately wanted to show up for them, from that space of love and joy,

that I knew was my truth. But it was my body that needed just a little understanding and attention.

I had no idea that's what it was. I was overwhelmed constantly. My body was tapped out.  

Well, I can not and do not just wait around hoping things will change. When there is an issue, I'm on it! 

I ask the questions and I look for the answers. Actually just one answer...the root cause, because I don’t want to go searching again. I feel I'm a teacher or what I believe a teacher is...someone who passionately and

whole heartedly shares because they've experienced the treasure and value in what they have found. 

The Mom Spiral is a culmination of my own healing, growth, lived experience and embodiment.

I didn't at all get here by accident. Actually it was because of an accident, that I believe was a portal through which this all began.

A car hit my house 2 inches from Chloe's crib and because I searched for trauma healing I found the nervous system.

Actually knowing my body was the piece I had been missing my whole life and that's how you change your whole life. 

I know what it feels like to be present to and in my body and I'm thankful every day I was put on this path. 

As moms we need this understanding more than anything, for all the moments of their childhood and for the adults they'll one day be. 

It's all on us. That's just the TRUTH. And if we want to really enjoy it, rather than just get through it, this is so vital for everyone.


I've simplified it as best I can for you. With as much clarity and intention as I possibly could. 

I went through it all because one day I knew I would put it together for you. It may sound weird, but if you knew me, you’d understand. 

I went through training, courses, books, took notes, rewrote how it made sense to me. Then implemented them. Tried them.

Tried again. Eventually I realigned my new role with my energy and body. I consciously created a life that supports my authentic self

and vision for my life as a mother, to be grounded, regulated and resilient and to create that in my girls too.  

This isn't just advice in hopes it works for you. I help you filter it through the lens of your nervous system. It is empowerment!

This is about real comprehension of how things work on a mind, body, soul level and the connection to your truth and healing.

You have to connect and know your body to integrate,  so that you have solid, lasting change inside and out.  

This never stops for me...I'm here for the soul journey...I'm here for all the expansion ☺

I'm so supported and guided and the things I need always find me. I'm also here to share it with you, to help it all make sense,

so you can stop wasting your life on band-aids and get back to your truth! It can be easy, it's how it was meant to be. 

My spiral began at 19, when I had my thyroid removed. I've been my own health advocate ever since. My view of doctors forever changed.  I believe more in the people on the internet who have gone through what I have, were where I wanted to be and could show me the way. Truth and experience and personal results is what mattered to me. It meant more that they knew how I felt and went through even a little bit of what I had. A doctor with no thyroid issues...not so much.


I believe that our nervous systems and attachment are the most overlooked aspect of this entire human experience.

It fascinates me that they really touch every part of who we are and who we can be. Everything comes back to am I SAFE?

Moms need this more than anyone and I'm here to make that as loud and clear as possible! 

I live on a little island with my husband, Chris.
He is my strength and smiles since I was 16.
We've been together for 22 and married for 9.
We have 2 daughters, Ily is 8 and Chloe is 6. 

​I graduated with a degree in fashion design from the Art Institute.
I interned like The Devil Wears Prada in NYC. 
I felt that industry probably wasn't the best fit, so I came home and
built a real estate appraisal company with my mom.

There was always something I was trying to build on the side
or I should probably say, the inside!
Wanting to be of service to the world in my way. 

Forever trying to find my way. 
Today I've never been prouder, 
how I've shown up for myself to get here.
I've done lots of healing. And through the journey,
my prayer was answered and my purpose insured.

Bless me, so that I may bless others. Use me to make a difference.
I never dreamed (and I'm a dreamer) it would be this important
or transformative or needed as it is right now.

If I have any part in helping you find yourself,
to be whole again and then raise your babies whole.
That is the biggest impact I could possibly have and I'm so grateful. 

I take credit as a channel, an organizer, a promoter, for The Mom Spiral.
I was the 1st student before it came together in a precise way with a name. And
 now it is my message to spread. I know personally and deeply this information is needed by every parent who wants to thrive
and do better for their truly give them the best LIFE!

It lights me up being in this energy every day.
It's an honor to connect with parents who choose more and are brave
and mindful enough to know this work will change the course of
their entire family and every future generation. 

This is what we all came here for.
Something so big is happening and it starts with each of us,
healing and expanding. Thank you ♥

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Talk soon!


Quantum theory is the behavior and nature of matter and energy.

This isn't about a "style" of parenting because what if YOU aren't any of those things, if your body doesn't feel safe, 

someone else's way isn't going to magically or automatically change you, no matter how good it sounds.


Quantum is instead of forcing your way to what you think is your desired outcome,

you align with the power of nature  and you have all and exactly what you need to parent. 


You get out of the way. You welcome in the assistance. You rest in the knowing and trust the process.

You flow with the innate power that is within you. Instead of cause and effect we're causing an effect.


I understand the nervous system and attachment now and it has given me clarity and validation for my entire life story.

When we were children we had to cope and adapt to whatever was going on with our adults.

We were conditioned away from our bodies into our heads.

We react from our default nervous system state and that’s what we think is normal and the way life goes for us. 


Quantum is how we live through and with our bodies. The only place any of this happens!

Our body's job is to protect us and keep us safe. Our mind's job is secondary and behaves from the stories it has created.

It tries to make it easy by pulling from experience, but it’s not working WITH the body.

Unless you become aware you'll always be working against it. Your past is in your present way more than you think.

Our minds keep us stuck. At surface level. In survival mode. 

To get to the root cause you have to connect back to your body. This is where your quantum power is.

Quantum is the world you can’t see, but works for you anyway!

"Stay close to nature, it will never fail you”​ Frank Lloyd Wright


nature’s most favored pattern of growth

most effective deployer of its energy

life inducing, protecting, supporting

weaving its magic from vanishingly small

to unimaginable huge levels of existence

how the Universe shapes us


Life's path isn't a straight line, it is a Spiral.

You continually come back to things, 

for deeper truths.

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