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You lie down. You breathe. Your stuff gets sorted out. It is that simple and that profound!

Your breath = the simplest yet most powerful healing tool available to you!

Breathwork is different from other modalities because you can immediately benefit from the first time.

It is a tool to access parts of you that aren't apparent or easy to get at surface level.  [ it's like 20 years of therapy in 1 session ]

It is an active meditation that occupies the mind and creates space for the body to heal physically and emotionally.

It moves stuck energy and opens you up for expansion. It aids in letting go of habits, stories, beliefs, fears and traumas.

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I feel Breathwork is sacred hygiene that we were never taught. Our breath is the foundation of our physical body and our life force energy.

It is therapy for the soul in the best form. It works beautifully and knows exactly what is needed to heal in this moment.

No doctor or expert would be able to find these places. No talking, writing, or drug can clear in this capacity. It is fast and effective.

An emotional detox in an hour. Your breath is medicine. 

Often we don’t have clarity about unconscious beliefs that are holding us back. Your breath is a powerful portal to erase old stories, change emotional default settings, end lifetime patterns, and undo stuck emotional energy.

It breaks down all that has built up, that is unprocessed and that's creating havoc on your physical and energetic body.


Breathwork is the easiest way to get out of your head and connect to your body. 

Results are immediate and it's just one of those things you have to experience to understand.

Is this you?! You've intellectually processed and re-processed your problems. You've done all the therapy, read all the books,

and you know exactly what those patterns are, yet you are unable to move through, shift them or grow.

You have to trust your body, but you're not connected to your body?!  You're doing everything, BUT turning inward.

Thinking your way out of it, is never going to work. We were raised in a culture that treats symptoms and tells us to give our power away

and rely on someone else. It's CRAZY that we are never taught to cultivate this skill to help us regulate and deal with our emotions.

Not even the good ones...most of us don't even know how to be happy or feel joy.

Breathwork connects you to your emotions, your energy. Most of us THINK about our emotions rather than actually FEEL them.

The breath leads you to where your emotions are stored, buried...times you wanted to laugh, but didn’t, or felt like crying, but held it in.

The breath has an intelligence beyond what you have ever let yourself experience.

Most of us weren't shown how to feel our feelings in a safe and acceptable way. So when feelings arise that bring up discomfort or that you just don't have the resources to deal with, you push them down. You consume in all sorts of ways to hide them and keep them from rising up into your heart and truly felt. Wouldn't it make sense if we could digest feelings like we do our food?!

You'd poop them out and move on forward. Once you push those feelings down they cozy up and make a home deep inside.

To FULLY process the feelings and heal, you have to let them rise up, pulling them up and out from your belly, feeling them in your heart

and letting them go, layer by layer, until their energy is outside of you. Breathwork makes this possible!


You can willfully influence the brain and the nervous system and literally change our mind-body state. By changing the pattern of your breathing, you change the pattern of the information being sent to the brain. Breathing affects every organ, system and function. Every physiological, psychological and emotional state has a corresponding breathing pattern. When you change one, the other changes.

So Breathwork has the potential to transform the quality of your life on every level. 

The Vagus nerve is activated which is responsible for the mind-body connection and relaxation. By controlling the breath you elicit the relaxation response almost immediately. You can change the messages the body is sending to the brain and therefore begin healing and reprogramming.

You can calm emotions, eliminate anxiety, stop obsessive worry and fear, reduce stress over reactivity and provide mental clarity and focus.


My own experience has been profound and why I believe in it so much.

As a guide, I am just that. I'm not healing you...You are doing that yourself!

I'm here to hold a safe space for you to be in your body in a new and vulnerable way.

To process through the emotions and energy that you are ready to release.


With Breathwork I have peeled back layers of conditioning. I’ve released beliefs I've held my whole life. 

I’ve healed...deeply healed. In a very short time.

Of all the things I had tried none of them were able to offer such an immediate sense of peace and relief every time.

Breathwork has helped me to see myself. To know my truest self.

It has helped me to connect to the inner wisdom and guide me to so much clarity, relief and freedom. 


Breathwork is my self-care go to! It continues to open me up and be my best teacher. 

My first time I went in wanting to just get rid of THAT feeling.

I stared at the page when we were to write our intentions, trying so hard because I couldn't even find a word for it.

I wrote, Yuck! I wrote the big pile of crap that fills my belly, my heart, my throat.

And in that moment I realized even describing it, it was literally stuck in my body. 

But you can't just cut out emotions or energy or stored memories or pain. 

Well it's exactly what my breathe did! It found it all and removed that heavy weight from my body and soul. 

I'm an empath. A highly sensitive person. An introvert. I FEEL things. And lots of things hurt.

It can get overwhelming and confusing when all of it isn’t even mine. 

Breathwork lets me work through all those emotions without totally getting drained from just being in the world. 

I was sure it lasted 4 minutes...nope, the class was a full 40 minutes.

What? How? Where did I go? Why was my body so clear, light, and alive?

This is the typical reaction. Time feels solid, but like it doesn’t count. Your body does and feels new things. 

And without you needing to know what's going on, physically or emotionally, what needs to be done for you, is done. 

I know. Trust me I get your doubt. So simple. Too simple. But it's the most powerful form of healing I've ever done. 

I hope to guide you back to the vibration that is You and show you how your power lies in the connection to your body and breath. 

My passion lies in my belief and experience that the most profound healing occurs when we learn to listen to our body,

and ultimately our soul...because it's how it communicates with us. 



















The details of each Spiral to help you decide which will be best for you.

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