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This collection will help you build a deep connection and relationship with yourself.

You can use these for your 10 minute of self care time. 

Making this time is essential to your well-being and your wholeness.

Create this space for you and I promise your inner and outer world will transform effortlessly.

You will gain access to your truth and intuition and this will guide you always. 

You will create more capacity for life and have a set point to access from your own body.

Real self you don't feel you have to look outside yourself all the time.

True safety is within you and you will KNOW it because you will have created this space.

They are short and sweet, but connect you with your soul ♥

Guided Meditations

A new way


Body Love


Family Forgiveness

I Forgive

In Joy

Love + Grace

Life Supports Me

Waves of Emotion


This collection will help you start healing and building a relationship with yourself.

I put this together so you can easily experience connection and attunement in and to your body!

It will provide a definite shift. This is completely opposite of what we're told to do.

We're not shown how or where to find the answers within us.

We've been conditioned to look everywhere else.

You'll understand what true empowerment and embodiment is and feels like.

These simple tools will help you create the foundation for you and your child to build on.

Self Care



Core Connection

Body Connection

Breath Connection

Emotional Connection

Mental Connection

Soul Connection

Pleasure Connection

Self Connection


Connection to your body is the only way you get to the root cause. 

Creating safety within your body is the only way your nervous system will feel safe. 

Feeling safe = feeling good. Once you're able to create this relationship, it's simple!

It's only hard because it's not what we know or have lived our lives doing or being.

Use these steps to create this missing connection with your body.

By having this understanding you will be entirely equipped and SELF empowered. 

I hope this supports you in building this sacred relationship ♥

love + light,  jen

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