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There are so many thing we weren't taught and we can't give what we don't have or know!

THIS is how you give them better and more for their lives

This is how you deeply support them

This is how you keep them grounded, connected and whole

This is how you change the way they experience and take on their world

Foundational understanding of how their bodies work

Connection, communication and relationship to their bodies

Love, respect and reverence for their bodies

Emotional and mental skills for a life of true well being

Healthy, resilient, flexible nervous system

Tools to know how to work and be in real control of their energy and emotions

Confidence and Self empowerment

Your child has an essence that is pure and complete

An inner spark that you want to keep shining bright forever 


Guide them to live fully and internally driven from their truth  

Keep them firmly rooted in who they are, certain of their worth and beauty

Give them all they need to authentically be all they came here to be in full expression, every single day of their lives!

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establish an unbreakable level of self knowledge, power and love

fulfill their highest expression with their life force strong and vibrant

stay attuned to their light

be the powerful creators of their life

not let the external world change their inner world 

build their inner strength so they can harness it no matter what 

create the space and conditions for a permanent inner calm and peace

trust their intuition first and always honor their truth

value and nurture their heart and spirit

navigate emotions and changes

fully inhabit their body

always listen to their body and its messages

follow their heart and desires without interference from others

risk, try, feel, express, engage, experience, give and receive 

embrace and celebrate life as it unfolds with full on presence

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Basic information and outline for parents

Daily tips and ways to implement into your routine and life

Lots of insight, ideas and inspiration in how we do this alone and as a family 

Every week you will receive a new concept, but this can be done whenever you can fit it in

You will have access to the content forever


Concepts turned relatable in child-like ways

Absorbable, doable chunks

Fun approach so it becomes their innate frame of mind and natural way of being

Integrate principles through activity, exploration and embodiment

Kids are sponges. If you make it fun, they will do it, enjoy it and want to do it again.

I promise, you'll be in awe of what they'll teach you and what you'll gain through this experience.

How they'll keep doing it and even make it their own because their intuition will guide them.

Because their body's how it should be!

Any health, mental or emotional issue you have comes from not hearing or paying attention to your body's communication.

 So when you're connected, when you listen, and you know what to do with what it needs, you have no internal problems.

When this is their foundation, they will thrive their whole lives.


Our kids come in fully connected to their bodies. As babies sensation is their first and only language.

We just don't continue to develop or cultivate this for them.

Connection to themselves should always be priority and the most important relationship to them.

With every day routine and hygiene of mind, body and soul.

Being too young or old is not a concern here.

It's who we are. It's natural and innate. It's how we are made. It's biology.

All we need is already there. We just have to connect and nurture it.

And when the world starts to pull them away from their truth and power, they will know what to do.

They'll even know when it's happening. They'll feel it and they'll pull themselves back.

They'll have the foundation, connection, knowledge, awareness and tools.


AGES 2 -12

This truly can be for any age

I highly suggest doing this along with them. It’s powerful and creates a new dynamic and deep bond.

There is so much purpose and intention in doing this. Experiencing it with them makes it more meaningful for everyone.

You'll learn all the foundational things you missed. You (and your inner child) will benefit greatly.

Learn and Grow along with them 

Develop and Expand together

Feel and Express beside them

Inspire and Influence each other

Connect and Strengthen your love

Empower and Nurture for life


All I want is for my girls to have a solid, secure, sacred foundation to their inner world.

I want it to be their normal. I want it to be all they know.

I want them to never even think to look outside themselves for the answers.

I want them to spend their lives LIVING and BEING, with not one wasted moment, searching...

for something the world will forever lead them away from, but will always only be found within them.

When you know better, you do better. This is a critical and obvious piece to me as their mother.

They don’t know better. I DO. I’m aware of what I didn’t get and really needed.

I know the reasons and the ways to do better. This is how I fully show up for them and bridge my life to theirs. 

I want them to know their wholeness on a level I don’t even know because I’m still trying to regather mine. What would it would be like if we never lost it?!

I don’t want them to spend their lives getting back to the place they have right now! 

I want them to have ALL they need to be happy, healthy, whole humans!


7 years old

Birthday: 8/17/2015

Loves unicorns + butterflies

Loves to color + dance

She's incredibly creative

She's sweet, kind + caring

She deeply feels the world around her


Manifesting Generator



5 years old

Birthday: 12/20/2017

Loves dinosaurs + birds

Loves to paint

She's thoughtful + so aware

She's an old soul with a calming presence

She's silly + so fun to be around


Manifesting Generator

Ily and Chloe will help present the activities and tools.

When kids see other kids, it’s SO impactful.


40 years old

Birthday: 3/26/1983

Loves being in nature with her family

Loves to share, create + grow

She lives to be the best Mom

She lives to expand her soul

She believes in magic + miracles

She wants to share + heal

She sees so much of herself in her girls




I've been "told" my purpose is THE CHILDREN!

I thought  I would do that through moms.

This Spiral is to me the most important and inspired one. 

I created this for and with the little Jen inside who never stopped believing she could create the world she dreamed of. 

I created this for everything I wish she could've had growing up.

I created this for every possible thing I want for my girls.

I created this for you, so it'll be easy and we can all have this now.

I created this for the beautiful, open, lightworkers

that have come in as our children and that we are blessed

to guide and live this journey with!

I hope you join us  ❤

love + light,  jen

The lasting impact this will have on their life and whole being is invaluable.

You will not find anything like this anywhere, I know...that's why I created it ☺


Would you love to help share and be an affiliate?!

I'll send you the details



nature’s most favored pattern of growth, most effective deployer of its energy

weaving its magic from vanishingly small to unimaginable huge levels of existence

life inducing, protecting, supporting

how the universe shapes us

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