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Coaching packages are available for your specific concerns.

However I can support and guide you.

I can customize a plan just for you, your child, or situation.

I'm a certified trauma-informed, neuro-somatic coach. Neuro = brain. Somatic = body. 

Along with many years of other training in many body based modalities and my own intuitive gifts,

I know I can help you reach new levels of relating to yourself and your child.

Your body, emotions, energy, parenting and life!

Unlock your fullest potential with Private Neuro-Somatic Coaching

Create lasting transformation from the foundation of the nervous system.


A private training journey will help you rewire limiting beliefs, improve brain function and nervous system health,

move out of unwanted behaviors and create more presence, connection and joy in any area of life:

from parenting to business to body to relationships. It all starts with the nervous system.


You will receive a personalized daily practice to increase resilience and your capacity for stress.

It will heal nervous system deficits. You will have higher quality inputs, interpreted with more accuracy and less stress on your body. They’re short, done throughout the day, right into your current habits and routine. 

What is Neuro-Somatic intelligence? 

It’s the ability to recognize how sensory and cognitive inputs are affecting the nervous system.

It’s to be able to intentionally change inputs to produce positive adaptation in the nervous system that allows for increased regulation, performance, behavior change and trauma repatterning.


What is Applied Neurology? 

An approach to assess and train (or re-train) the nervous system for optimal performance and function by utilizing neuroplasticity;

the brain's ability to change and adapt.


The Nervous System does 3 Things: 1. Receive Inputs 2. Interpretation and Decisions 3. Create Outputs


NSI perspective on core beliefs. 

They are adaptive, survival responses. Your predictive brain looks for patterns and evidence to support this belief to ensure you are SAFE. When you try to change these beliefs, it creates stress and threat response in the body and nervous system which has relied on this framework to stay alive. So pushing against a belief without creating safety in the nervous system and body can lead to protective outputs, unwanted behavior, self-sabotage and burnout. Successful and lasting belief and identity change must rest on a foundation of safety and acceptance in the body and nervous system. 


Anxiety is NOT the cause of stress or a psychological condition. It is a physiological state. Anxiety is the RESULT of stress not a cause.

It is an OUTPUT. A highly activated stress response, producing a survival action or output.

Questions Comments Concerns 

Talk soon!

What is parent coaching, and how does it differ from therapy?
Coaching is a guided journey and relationship to empower YOU fully as a parent. To help explain the root cause of your issue and give you ways to work on that foundationally. While therapy aims to diagnose and treat mental health problems, coaching is designed to help you better connect with yourself and your child and more skillfully manage specific challenges related to parenting.

What can I expect from coaching?
Personalized guidance and actionable steps specific to your goal and needs.

How many sessions does parent coaching typically take?
It varies depending on your goals and challenges. Some parents find benefit in just a few sessions, while others choose ongoing support. It’s all about what works best for you and your situation.

Can parent coaching address specific parenting challenges, like dealing with a defiant child?
Coaching is designed to take a curious and open approach toward specific challenges. We will explore the root cause of the challenging behavior. And problem solve more skillful ways to address the unmet need.

You are worth all that it takes to embody who you truly are and mother from that place

You are worth it 

Your child is worth it 

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