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Body Awareness
Body Connection
Nervous System



Emotional and Mental Well Being for life


I want to purposely and intentionally introduce the ideas to them. Those a-ha moments.


So I get creative and make it relatable to their world. Combine the inspiration with practicality.

I break it down so they can grasp and absorb the concepts. 

My inner child fully comes out to guide me in creating these Playbooks.


Because of my own healing…I know I'll be accountable to them one day.

I don’t want to have any part in feeling guilt or blame for being the cause of their unhappiness or blocks or time spent healing instead of living their beautiful life, because of my parenting. I'd just rather not ☺ 

When you know better, you do better. This is a critical and obvious piece to me as their mother.

They don’t know better. I DO. I’m aware of what I didn’t get and really needed.

I also know the reasons and the ways to do better. This is how I fully show up for them and bridge my life to theirs. 

I know I’m offering them such a powerful gift and strong advantage. I can’t imagine what my life would’ve been, what it'd look like now, if I was given this knowledge and awareness in my childhood. 

My PURPOSE is to raise my girls firmly rooted in who they are, certain of their worth and beauty, and to authentically be all they came here to be in full expression every single day of their lives! 


All I want is to help them build a solid, secure, sacred foundation to their inner world.

I want it to be all they know. So it is their normal.  I want them to never even think to look outside themselves for the answers. 

I want them to be grounded and connected. I want them to know themselves truly and deeply and hold onto that forever. 

And spend their lives LIVING and BEING, freely, but so intentionally, with not one wasted moment, searching…

I want them to experience their wholeness on a level I don’t even know about because I’m still trying to regather mine.

I don’t want them to spend their lives getting back to the place they have right now! 


Concepts turned relatable in child-like ways

In absorbable, doable chunks

A fun approach so it becomes their innate frame of mind and natural way of being

New application of principles through awareness, exploration and embodiment

These are full of insight, ideas and inspiration to weave into your daily life 

That make use of your time together more impactful, meaningful, and purposeful 


The important, critical, significant, core components to LIVING and BEING


make the magic and joy of life a priority

be comfortable in silence or boredom

love and know themselves fully

trust their inner guidance and body

feel safe in their choices

manage their energy 

tap into their personal power

foster a growth mindset + emotional intelligence

find solutions and encourage self reflection


establish a deep, unshakeable, unbreakable level of self knowledge, power, love, and confidence 

fulfill their highest and truest expression with their life force strong, vibrant and active

stay attuned to their light

be the powerful creators of their life

not let the external world change their inner world

release doubt and fear so it doesn’t become a part of them 

or touch their truth, confidence and love  

build their inner strength so they can harness it no matter what 

create the space and conditions for a permanent inner calm and peace

trust their intuition first and always honor their truth

value and nurture their heart and spirit

navigate emotions and changes

manage inner dialogue in a positive way

feel good and pleasure and never stop looking or asking for it

fully inhabit their body

always listen to their body and its messages

give themselves permission, approval and acceptance 

access to their intuition as a guiding compass their entire life 

speak their truth without fear or shame

follow their heart and desires without interference from others

master and embody happiness without chasing after it

accept life as it is without the need to label or judge their experiences 

risk, try, feel, express, engage, experience, give and receive 

embrace and celebrate life as it unfolds

with full on presence


Create a family connection that your kids authentically want to be a part of and come back to.

Where they'll always look to and find security, comfort and love. 

I highly suggest doing the activities as a whole family. It’s powerful and can create a new dynamic and deep bond.

It gives an element of purpose and intention. Experiencing it with them makes it more meaningful for everyone.



Word. Concept. Discussion. Importance

Goal. Understanding. Equipped to 

Relevant to their life 

Mental. Emotional. Physical. Social. Spiritual aspects


Activity. Art. Craft

Movement. Physical. Senses. Embody. Expression

Ritual. Mantra. Affirmation. Song.

Activity. Art. Craft

Build. Create. Innovate

Book. TV. Movie

Adventure. Surprise. Discover 

Learning application

Novelty. Memorable

Charts. Track. Journal

Interest. Inspire. Build on to bring to life 

Role play. Real life scenario plan/set up

Emphasis for your child

Gratitude. Reflection. Feel about it now

Questions. Search. Challenge

Look at future. Do now. Grow up benefit

Effects you and people around you

Celebrate. Ritual

Future. Ongoing

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