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These are my best essential tools to set you up in understanding and connection to your body,

which is truly where this all starts! This is how you embody and empower your life.

And the only way you can teach your kids to do the same.

Resources and guidance to equip you with lots of insight and inspiration!


Connection to your body is the only way you get to the root cause.

Creating safety within your body is the only way your nervous system will feel safe.

This whole human experience is about SAFETY! And feeling safe = feeling good.

Once you're able to create this relationship, it's simple!

It's hard because it's not what we know or have lived our lives doing or being.

Use these steps to create this missing connection. 


Co-Regulation. Default State. Get Curious. Be the Safe Space. Nourish. Restore. Routine. Preparation


This collection will help you build a deep relationship WITH yourself. 

You can use these guided journeys for your 10 minutes of self care time. 

Create this space and I promise your inner and outer world will transform effortlessly. 

You'll create more capacity for life and have a point to access from your own body.

They're short and sweet, but connect you with your self!

A New Way. Acceptance. Body Love. Gratitude. Family Forgiveness.

I Forgive. In Joy. Love + Grace. Life Supports Me. Waves of Emotion


These impactful practices will help you start creating the essential relationship you need with yourself.

So you can experience connection and attunement in and to your body!

We're not shown how or where to find the answers within us. We've been conditioned to look everywhere else.

You'll understand what true empowerment and embodiment is and feels like.

These simple concepts and tools will help you create the foundation for you and your child to build on.

Self Care. Rituals. Intuition

Connection =  Core. Body. Breath. Emotional. Mental. Soul. Self. Pleasure.


Somatic is working WITH your body. Where it all is! You think cause you're always can you not be connected?!

I promise IT IS the piece we're all missing. We lost it. We've been conditioned so far away from.

I even thought because I felt so much...I was feeling. But it was too much and my body sent me to live in my head.

So I've spent my life trying to make sense of or fix that feeling. The entire time totally confused about where I even was.

I'll guide you through your sensations and your own body language to get you connected back.

Being in tune and attuned to your body through sensation is really where the empowerment and beauty lives.

I also share the Emotion Party Game. Provide your kids with this essential connection to their body and emotions.


Prompts and questions to find where your true issue is. It's probably not where you're looking. 

Don't waste your time, energy, money or life on band-aids. 

With these points you can find out where you need to put your effort and focus. 

It'll show you the root cause of attachment or the nervous system. 

Then you can strengthen these areas and get everything back on track and in place.

Attachment needs to be strong so you have your power to parent and your child keeps developing to their fullest potential. 


You are worth all that it takes to embody who you truly are and mother from that place

You are worth it 

Your child is worth it 

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