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1. Parenting was designed to be easy

2. You have the power right now

It’s not maybe or Maybelline…you were born with it!


Parenting shouldn't feel like a mystery, a puzzle or a burden,

BUT IT DOES because 2 things

We've been so far removed from nature and disconnected from our bodies.

We have no idea we have this innate drive within us, so we don't use it.

If you only knew...Nature has your back through ATTACHMENT!

Parenting is truly supposed to be natural and simple and effective.

Nature has a purpose and a perfectly designed plan for this to work.

You have this innate power right now. It's how you were made to do this.

When you know the power of attachment...

You'll finally get what your job as a parent actually is.

You'll know how to best support the whole relationship all 18 years!


What does this even mean and why should you care?


Let's get you super clear about what attachment is. 

It's not attachment parenting.  It's not just a good relationship or what feels like a strong connection or bond. 

It's not mainstream advice. It's also not fluff, BS or bypassing! It's how you were made and designed to do this. 

It’s the missing piece that will change your approach and experience of parenting like nothing else you have ever heard.

Hit play and find out in 4 minutes!

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Let's go a little deeper in the VITAL Talk. 

Pop me in your ears. I'll break it down and make it all make sense.

It's not fair to you or them, that you don't know these fundamental concepts. It'll blow you away!

I'll shine a light on all the places you have no idea you're hurting attachment and keeping your kids stuck.

The knowledge EMPOWERS YOU. Just having the awareness will shift so much in your life right now.

Let's see if your child is stuck with the Attachment Audit.

Without attachment they're essentially trying to survive without you! 

They're STUCK in survival mode. They become in charge of protecting themselves.

5 questions. Then I'll give you what to do to strengthen attachment where you need it. 

This is your forever reference so that you always know how to get your power back.



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Let's see if you're hurting Attachment with the Connection Checklist.

10 things you might be doing to hurt your attachment.

Simple ideas so you can become the attachment they need you to be. 

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