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Nature uses play as alchemy.

Another force given to us so we can parent with ease, flow and fun!

It's HOW you get to the places you really want to impact and change.

It strengthens attachment and deepens connection, even in the hard times and rough spots.

Would you rather laugh, be silly, infuse positive energy OR nag, yell, 'parent'?!

Ok, we've established where we'd definitely rather be. Playing!

It's the state you want to be in.

Your kids want to be in.

And your kids want you to be in! 


I'm going to stop the fun for just a sec and be real...Play can be HARD!

So dumb, right? Why do our bodies try to protect us from fun?


This felt really unfair to me and it made me feel messed up! You think it'd be the best and easiest part. Like why would it be hard to play with my own kid and do all the fun things I did when I was a kid?!


Idk how your life looks or feels, but mine for the most part just felt

serious, stressful, tedious, frustrating, exhausting and pretty miserable. 


As the parent, we’re on duty. We have to worry about being safe and responsible.

We don’t usually just come from a state of play.

Our bodies are in survival mode and it’s not easy to move into play. 


I was always doing and never just being!

My body was constantly trying to protect, so I wasn’t safe or connected enough to feel ok to play. 

There are actually a lot/too many reasons that play can feel hard. 

I go deep into this, so you can find why it is for you and shift it. 

Now back to the fun...

Play is so much more than you think or know it to be. 

You aren't using it to your full advantage or its highest potential. 

It's a key and a tool. 

It gets you places you couldn’t reach otherwise.

I’m NOT talking entertainment, playdates, sports or hobbies. TRUE PLAY is not a plan or a set up.

If this is your approach, your child is missing out on so much healing for their entire being. 

True play can be really hard to experience if you keep them busy, entertained or on a screen.

Play is fundamentally how our kids process life and their emotions. It’s where they explore and express what’s going on for them. 


Play is a place of true rest for their body. It’s where they enter a deep state of connection essentially with themselves.

Play is the healthy way to move aggression and learn impulse control and regulation. 


Play gives them an outlet for their alpha instincts and can help reduce the intensity of these instincts.

Play is how you easily and beautifully get around their walls and protective states. To get them unstuck. 

It’s incredible for sensitive kids who have easy defenses or a hard time being open and vulnerable, especially with emotions.


Play is where you connect and help them heal. They work through feelings or communicate to you in ways that they don’t

have the words or thought process of what the feelings are even attached to.

Play is movement. They aren't conditioned out of their bodies as much as we are. It’s the primal approach to relating to another.

It’s such a powerful place to communicate with them. They don’t process at a cognitive level, so if you can use it intentionally you can help so much through play.

​Play is also the best and easiest way to shift the energy. To redirect behavior.


Because honestly how can infusing play not make it better?!


You can accomplish what you want without discipline or punishment.

You don’t have to teach or correct or force.

You can USE PLAY to do these things naturally and easily.


 You are your own worst enemy! We totally over complicate what can be solved so quickly through play. 

I'm also going to give you a whole new view of telling STORIES!

Stories go deep without them having a clue you're going deep. 

All of this...I promise...MAGIC!

Through the story you bring up feelings so they can be processed, understood and released.

You bring stored emotions and situations to the surface to heal.

They can be used for any issue you’re dealing with.

Big concepts and little personal problems. I really love them so much ♥

I think that if we would imagine the perfect parent it would be the one playing,

having fun all the time and enjoying life together. That’s what probably feels true for all of us.

This Spiral gives you that deeper sense of why and how to use it,

but also a different way to approach it so you can uncover more of its truth FOR YOU!


This Spiral is FULL of so much goodness in each concept, idea and example.

The impact and influence you can make through play is so important and has such purpose.

This is the best way you'll ever find to release energy,

move emotion, gain cooperation, deepen connection, and lighten the mood.

Play has TRANSFORMED my entire experience of parenting and I know it will for you. 

I give it to you all here. Let's Play ☺


Access to course through the Circle platform on website + mobile.

Audios + pdf downloads.


All the reasons play is hard. The Nervous system aspect. How to rewire safety around play for your body (and maybe your child)

How to turn play into processing for you too. ALL the benefits and ways you can use play.


3 ways = True Play, Connected Play, Playfulness. 


Specific to certain issues you deal with. Learn how you can directly affect things like powerlessness or aggression.

Child led, Symbolic, Contingency, Nonsense, Separation, Power reversal, Regression, Physical, Cooperation.


Find out how your child likes to connect. Create and plan this connection piece that works for you both. 

Examples. My one word concept and example.


Laughter Yoga. Resources + Video. 


Explanation of misplaced emotions so you don’t misunderstand them and approach them wrong. 

Places this can show up so you know. Why release tends to come through play and the power of it.


Play can help with fears so much, but you have to know the sweet spot. 

The pendulation process. How to support them in finding their edge. How to use the edge but respect their limits.


How to release and approach aggression in a healthy way.  Why roughhousing is a great pathway for moving this energy. 

Helpful tips and guidelines for physical play. How your own feelings around aggression can come in and what to do. 


Behavior that's more related to power than dysregulation. How to approach this behavior.


What + Why behind it. It’s just a playground for them to work through what they saw, what they felt and what they make of it. 


How to get around the defenses with play. Stuckness.


Put play into play. The core concept is shifting the energy. Not distracting, but using play to wire a different future response. 


You can share values if you tell stories that embody them. 

They can develop the ability to see what cannot be seen and really use their imagination. 

Normalize their feelings and needs.

Get to the points and lessons you want to teach. You can easily and quickly get to an emotion or situation you’re dealing with. 

The structure of the story. Themes. Emotions purpose and how to tell stories to share the wisdom of them. 


This  activity is SO POWERFUL and really helps to filter out where you can focus to help you approach play in the best way for you.

Each of us has a natural play language. I will go through the 12 with its needs, wound and remedy. 

Also a great place to see where you might be wounding your child.







Simple Spiral + Kid STEPS

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