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This collection is all you need for a transformational Breathwork experience!

My first time changed my life. I released what felt like my entire childhood in an hour. 

And as I do, I immediately got trained in Breathwork.

You lie down. You breathe. Your stuff gets sorted out. It is that simple and that profound.

This technique gets the mind out of the way and allows the body to do its job.

Not every time is as significant or dramatic, but every time is exactly what you need.


This tool is like nothing I've ever tried or found since.

I feel Breathwork is sacred hygiene that we were never taught.

Not only for healing, but every day stress release.

We need ways to move our energy and emotions so they don't get stuck and stored in our bodies. 

Your breath is the way. It is your life force energy and it was given to you for a reason. For self healing and empowerment.

Your breath is medicine. It is therapy for the soul in the best form. You don't need anyone else.

The most wonderful part is that you don't need to know or go looking for anything. Your body knows.

No doctor can find these places. No thinking, talking or drug can clear in this capacity.

I’ve healed...deeply healed. In a very short time using my breath.

I provide you with a grounding meditation, journaling prompts and emotional purge writing process.

2 guided Breathworks, a short 15 minutes and a longer 50 minutes.

I also include some great playlists so you can continue this journey on your own.


I do a shorter breathwork when I need it on a more emotional, stressful or full day.

I also use the longer session once a month to cleanse and clear my body and connect to my soul.

The breath has an intelligence beyond what you have ever experienced.

It's just one of those things you have to experience to understand ☺

I hope to guide you back to the vibration that is YOU

and show you how your power lies within the connection to your body and breath ♥

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