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When you know better, you do better! To know the foundational information about your own body is how you can.

Your nervous system becomes your partner. You'll bring your body on board in ways you've been missing your whole life.

You have to understand how your body works and personally know it's communication.

Just the awareness piece shifts so much.

Only when you have this foundation can you apply any tools for you or your child.

Knowledge is power. Self knowledge is self empowerment.

You'll become more attuned to your capacity of processing life which means you'll also hold joy, pleasure and fun more.  

You'll live more in the present moment and experience life from this engaged state. You'll feel and truly be more connected. 

You'll deeply know, understand and experience self-attunement.

Which means that you’ll do what is in alignment with what your nervous system and your body needs in the moment.

You won't do things because they check a box, or because somebody else told you what to do. 

And you won't need or want to look outside yourself anymore! You'll know safety lies within your control.  

You'll know your body’s cues and signals and how to communicate back. You'll know what safety is for your system.

You'll understand your stressors and triggers. Then know exactly how to not get to the point of reaction or to get through easily.

You'll hold a deep connection and reverence for your body. You'll know how to care for yourself and actually enjoy it. 

You'll be connected to your intuition. You'll trust yourself for all the answers you ever need.

You'll have all of this to build a solid foundation of self knowledge, connection, care, regulation and emotional intelligence,

so you can model and teach it all to your kids. Let this be their NORMAL!


Foundational Information. Awareness Exercises. Personalized Tools. 

Kids activities. I suggest you do together. Everything you learn directly applies to your child.

So you're building this foundation for them now!

Their brains and bodies are the same. I provide ways to encourage their development in each area.


Send me your answers to my questions ☺ and I will reply with helpful insight. 

I want to know you and your story, so I can support and initially guide you on your journey.

I will help pinpoint your core issues and advise where to best place your energy going in. 

We'll have a call when you're done to cover any questions or concerns and prepare your plan going forward. 

I know this will transform you! And I will make sure you receive as much as you can to integrate and experience true change.

This will NOT just be another thing. I've done way too many of those myself and I've created this for that exact reason.

You gain access to the lesson modules every week.

Hosted on the Teachery platform.

Step by step practices to implement the tools into your life right now.

Prompts to make it easy, doable and possible to fit into your day.

Remember I designed this is for a Mom's energy, time and nervous system☺. 

Integration practices to fully experience shifts.


You can return when you need to refresh or re-evaluate as you move through new stages.

You have lifetime access the course. 


 Foundational information about your brain, body and nervous system.

How to connect back to your body. Find your intuition. Feel safe in your body.

All the reasons you're dysregulated and how to self and co-regulate.

Trauma. You have it. What it is and how it is stored. How to decondition from your childhood coping strategies.

Personal tools to regulate your nervous system, giving you full control over all your experiences.

Strength and space to give co-regulation and emotional stability to your child.

You'll know how to create secure attachment and find tools that work for them too.

Widen your window of tolerance. Change your emotional set point. Build resilience so you can respond instead of react. 

How your state creates your story and perception of the world. Your thoughts and emotions come from your state.

Overcome the chronic stress state. See how burn out, exhaustion, weight gain, anxiety, and depression are all dysregulation.

Truly know on a deep level you have all the power within you to heal. Through self attunement and embodiment.

Know the personal state you default too and most likely live in. The tools to release the charge and keep you connected. 


Zoom call to go over your questions, concerns and situations when you complete The Spiral. Personalized plan.


Community to share and explore together. Support and be supported. Connect with like-hearted women. 

One month free access to the INTENTIONAL membership.


This can be purchased whenever you feel you need more support.

You can do this as you go through the course or when go through it and decide you want more support.

Access to me to have all your questions answered.

Personalized help, guidance, support and additional ideas custom for you, your child, or situation.


Week 1. Prep: The Essential Spiral. Child Application. Healing. Resistance. Beliefs. Journaling. Self Care. Rituals. Tools

Week 2: Nervous System. States. Stress Cycle. Vagus Nerve. Tools

Week 3: Neuroception. Internal + Hidden. Find your Stressors + Safety. Sensory Issues + Activities

Week 4. Trauma. Safety

Week 5. Regulation. Co. Auto. Self.

Week 6. Somatic Healing

You are worth all that it takes to embody who you truly are and mother from that place

You are worth it 

Your child is worth it 


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