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I love my girls more than anything, 

but that doesn't mean I love being dysregulated every day☺

It's not about your kids or your parenting skills. 

It's your lack of knowing and being connected to your very own body.


To your 20 questions and 99 problems

There is one answer to them all

Because there is ONE ROOT CAUSE

All the things you think are problems are just symptoms

And you’re just using band-aids

And that's WHY I'm SO passionate about a bunch of nerves ☺

It’s YOU!

It’s how you're wired to FEEL + THINK + ACT.

The condition of your nervous system touches every part of your life.

You need the basic knowledge of how you function and how your body is supposed to WORK.

Until you get to the ROOT of it ALL, you'll keep waking up to another Groundhog's Day. 

Your body is on auto-pilot. It's stuck in a state you don't even know you're in, because it's YOUR NORMAL.


If you want out of your faulty survival mode


If you want to ever LIVE FULLY!


I didn't just jump on the Nervous System bandwagon.

If you don't know my story, a car was the means of transportation. 

I'd say it's a buzzword. It's trending. But it's not just something to hack or even heal. 

You need YOUR foundation. 

This isn't a cookie cutter. Or a label. Or a made up word for natural human behavior.

It also doesn't help to have a bunch of tools with no toolbox. 

You don’t need anything more or extra.

You simply need to know how to support your body. 

Your real strength and power is within you. Yup, the cliche is so very true!


Know you’re doing what’s best for your kids and their true development.

Not just what's being marketed as normal, common or typical. 

Truly show up as your best because you like that you. 

Not as the mean, grumpy, not fun mom because she ruins not only the party, but the everyday moments you don’t get to do over.  


Enjoy every stage and age. Fully in that moment.

Not just when you look back at the pictures as you scroll your phone, checking out from real life. 


Stop letting your coping methods distract you from the one and only focus you need. 

You’ve been misled. And now you’re trapped. 

It’s time you take your power back and keep it!

Self knowledge = Self empowerment. Yours forever.

Don't let this backwards culture craft a life for you that makes you feel awful. 

That takes this motherhood journey and turns into a ride you’re not steering or enjoying. 


Instead of a sticky mess of band-aid wrappers, let’s build you the structure that will hold you every day for the rest of your life.


You’re also not all your unfun feelings. 

Your body is overstimulated, overwhelmed, overloaded.

You’ve never been shown how to take care of your incredible body. 

You’ve never been told it’s the most important partnership you’ll ever have. 

You’ve never been given the instructions to create this connection.

There’s no other person, place or thing you need. 

There’s no repair store, parts shop, doctors office, or therapy room that’ll fix this.  

There's no more outsourcing! 

You’ll soon have trust and an unshakeable confidence. 

You won’t even think to look outside yourself for the answers ever again.

You won’t have to try the next tip, trick or tactic that worked for someone else. 

You’ll intuitively know what you both need in the moment instead of trying to control or change anyone.

You’ll always have access to YOUR solution.

I probably don’t need to paint you a picture of what you’re losing if you do nothing. 

It’s the one you paint every night with colors of regret, blame and shame. 

With the brush of a dysregulated nervous system. 


Tonight if you want to imagine what it would feel like you can borrow my paints and brush.

Colors of ease, flow, trust, confidence, strength, power, fun, joy, connection and safety. 

That’s with my brush of a flexible, resilient, regulated nervous system.


I wish that you could be where I am. I know the urgency. I lived the struggle too.

We only have 18 precious years. 

I know, you know...the days are long, but the years are short. Time is a thief!

And this isn’t the dress rehearsal. It counts now. Every day matters. 

For the present, for our memories and for the adults they’ll soon be. 

Every negative or positive is being wired into their bodies whether we like it or not! (meant to or not. regret it or not)

Sadly I feel like most cross their fingers and hope for the best, like it's the only option. IT'S NOT!

I know you’re doing your very best, but that’s limited by the capacity of your nervous system.

The second best offer I have is to SHOW YOU THE WAY!

I know things you don’t know yet. It all makes sense to me and it’s proof in my life every single day.

I see things differently. Through a lens you most likely have never even experienced. 


So I know my role here. And I stand by it...humbly, but also very proudly and seriously.

I know what it’s taken to get here and also to create this for you. I've been through the Spiral and it's BEAUTIFUL.

I’ve pieced it all together so that you can easily understand and implement these concepts. 

So you can experience the magnitude of your own body's power that you have right now!

So you can live and parent authentically and teach your kids the same. 


You’re investing in yourself through me. I’m just a catalyst for information so you know how to make these changes.

Your nervous system is the root cause to EVERYTHING. What you gain here is invaluable. And it lasts forever.


I know this will transform you! And I will make sure you receive as much as you can to experience true change.

This will NOT be just another band-aid ♥


3 FOUNDATION_edited.png

The complete introduction to your own incredible body. The roadmap to all your unique wiring. 

The guide to create a deep connection and relationship so that you have a secure, stable, safe foundation.

From there you'll be able to fully and freely express, move, think and feel for the rest of your life.

I know you wanted this done yesterday, so there is no fluff, no extra, no excess. To the point. I make it all make sense. 

You listen. You absorb the concepts. Your nervous system rewires, builds capacity and your life reflects the transformation.



Its job and what that means your job is. 

The science of connection and the way that effects every relationship especially to yourself. 

Track your stress response states and nuances to get deeply attuned to your system. Determine your default.

Learn how the body works in moving out of states so you know how.

The Vagus nerve + Vagal brake.

Window of tolerance. Know how to widen yours to function most effectively and stay in your optimal space for regulation and capacity.

Your brain's job and how it fits into the picture. Learn the impact of its storytelling, not truth telling. 

The Playbook to find your external, internal and past triggers and a process to move through them. 



ALL the Regulations. Co-Regulation, Dysregulation, Co-Dysregulation, Auto-Regulation, Self-Regulation.

Sequence of Engagement + Regulation Model. 

Boredom. Embodied Screens + Exercise Practice.

The Playbook. Figure out all your regulators, anchors, and the somatic practices to establish your baseline.

Learn the basic co-regulator model so you can give this to your kids anytime.  



Everything comes down to safety! Your Safety Needs.

3 factors to FELT safety and the tools to strengthen it.

What Trauma is and how to process it. 3 types of trauma and how they may affect you.

Incongruent + Authentic + Calm. In depth + clear explanations of how they show up + how misunderstanding them can hurt you.

How most of us live in our heads and how to change this stress response.

Sleep. Play. Stillness. 



Principal Concepts. Safe space. Orient. Pendulation. Titration. Check-ins. Body Scan. 

You get a treat because I know you're my kind of Human.

And because I love a cherry on top ☺

Simple Spiral + Kid STEPS

Free month in the INTENTIONAL Membership


Private space in Circle. Share + Explore Together

Ask questions, gather insight + inspiration, receive support + guidance. 

A group of moms learning and growing like you, concepts most aren't even aware of.

I'm in there too because I'm still just one of you! 

I've got you. And soon you'll get yourself and you'll never need anyone else again!

Empowered, Regulated, Resilient YOU is waiting on the other side of that button ♥

$ 1 9 7

You are worth all that it takes to embody who you truly are and mother from that place

You are worth it 

Your child is worth it 

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