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A NEW approach to parenting

The BEST way for your child


This is needed more than anything we "teach" our kids.


They have it, so why don’t we take full advantage of that right now?

Let’s cultivate and develop it, while it’s still so alive and innate in them.

They are whole. Let's provide them all they need to stay whole. 

Let's look at the absolute potential right in front of us.

Let’s stop wasting time looking for the answers everywhere, but from them.

Let's keep them connected to their truth.

Let's support and ignite their fullest expression.

Let’s give them the fundamentals we didn’t get.

Let's not pull them away from who they are or all they can become.

Let's not condition them and wire them wrong.


This is all they need. This is all we really have to do!

Let’s stop putting more on us to do or heal or change or fix.

Because to be real, it'll take more time than we have before it's too late for our kids.

Let's not make what's possible for them dependent on us.

We have to heal too if we want to enjoy this journey with them.

But for now, we can let go of how our stuff will affect them. This will be what overpowers all of that.

We can let go of the overwhelm and burden. We can make it so we won't have regret or guilt.

This is how we do it differently than any generation has before. This is how we break the cycle.

I believe this is how we were supposed to do this.

This is the new paradigm shift in how we raise our kids!

This is how we radically shift how they will experience and truly be able to live their life.


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