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The hardest part can be being with them or yourself. It’s simple, it really is and the concept is actually so perfect.

You heal yourself while being with them, which is everything and all they need to truly learn emotional regulation.

I give you all the ways to actually show up. The BEING part! The how real life, in real time. 

Showing up is about feeling and healing our way through this.

It's all about connection and attachment for both of you. That's what they truly NEED on a primal core level.

By 'being with' in different ways is how you have to approach this relationship and keep attachment in place and strong.

I give lots of examples and inspiration and also the foundational information behind it.

I deeply believe in empowering our kids. 

So I give you many ways to implement this through the body which is only place this all happens and wires.

How to model it and plan together. With easy explanations for your kids to have the foundational understanding too! 

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