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Bring developmental science to your community.

Make sense of kids to the adults

responsible for them.


The focus is on making snese of what is happening behind behaviours


parents, educators, and helping professionals


It is a way of seeing a child, a teen, an adult, or parent, and making sense of behaviour, emotions, learning or relational issues at a root level and from the inside out.


It is about holding onto the details while still being able to see the big picture. It is about taking the developmental pulse of a human being and determining if growth is on or off course and determining what is getting in the way.


Popular presentations include: 


* Emotional development and well-being 


* Challenges with anxiety, attention, resistance, frustration, aggression, attachment, listening


* The power of play in human development


* The roots of resilience and why relationships matter


* Raising kids in a digital world 


* Preschooler and adolescent development


Keynotes and presentations can be delivered in 1 to2 hour, 1/2, to full-day formats Presentations are offered online and in person. Custom presentations are available, with a question and answer session included. Handouts and resource materials available. More questions? Get in touch. Bulk book orders are available for conference and event participants.

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