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The TRUTH about parenting


When you understand


you can access and hold onto this power


It will repair + renew your mind, approach + experience of parenting!

You are your child’s only answer and you have to remain the answer.

You have to know how to keep attachment through their entire childhood.

If they’re attached, you have all you need. This is how it was made to WORK!

It's do I get my child to be good? 

It's...does my child want to be good for ME?  ONLY if they're attached!

Right now you have no idea what your job is and you’re looking outside yourself for the solution.

Or you’re labeling behavior all kinds of things it’s NOT.

You’re wasting time, energy, money and their childhood on band-aids!

It wasn’t meant to go this way. When you know. You’re empowered. 

When you step into your intended role. Get out of the way. Your child will turn out better than you could ever plan.

And you get to enjoy this journey together. As you BOTH deserve!

This is how you become the parent you want to be. This is how you connect back to the parent you were made to be.


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A break down of Attachment, the Nervous System and Quantum Parenting!

Rather than dumbing you down, keeping you relying on prescriptive fixes,

superficial strategies, or surface level tactics... I’ll give you insight to make sense of it all.

Clarity where there is confusion. Perspective where there is frustration. Truth where there is fear. 


I’ll tell you the attachment needs of children so that you can become the answer to those needs.

I’ll explain behavior so that you see the root cause. It can't be changed by teaching or discipline. Only through this innate drive. Or you'll forever be chasing symptoms.

When you have attachment. You become the answer. Whether they like it or not ☺

It will never matter what works for anyone else. No tool, trick, tip or script you try.

You'll see how this all connects together and works in specific order.

You'll know how to find this grounded power, unshakeable confidence and

deep connection to parent in real alignment with you and your child's body.


Nature takes care of us by getting us to take care of each other.

You become the answer to your child when you take care of their attachment to you.

Attachment. Development. Alpha Child. Your Role. Competing Attachments. Safety. Alarm. Separation. Crying. Simplify. Bedtime. Frustration. Aggression. Stuck. Tears. Defense. Counterwill. Discipline. Connect. Repair. Being With. Play. Rest

6 audios or 1 hour to binge + Attachment Audit/Stuck Checklist + Simple Spiral Steps. 

Just hearing these concepts brings awareness. It's enough to shift SO MUCH in your life right now! 


I hope at the very least you walk away after listening aware and enlightened...

I believe just knowing these concepts can shift so much in your life, so listen as much as you need to!  


The fundamentals of being human are safety, survival, relationship and connection. 

Learn this and you'll essentially learn how to be human

and along with that have your power to parent another human ☺ 

I'll give you all the knowledge and so many ways that aren't out there to empower you.

So that you can establish your power and to set this ALL as your child's true foundation. 

Join me and I'll show you the way in the FUNDAMENTAL SPIRAL ♥

love + light,  jen

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