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Attachment does 3 important things. 

It gives you your power to parent. 

It engages your child’s innate drive to be receptive to your parenting. 

And it is the only way your child will ever reach full maturity. 


It’s a 7 year process that builds on each other. When they lose attachment, they stop development.


Attachment isn’t baby wearing or co sleeping.

It’s not just a good relationship or strong connection or bond.

It’s not how much you love them or they love you.

It’s not how many times you say it or try to prove it.

The ultimate love is their attachment to you. 


Attachment is the experience of safety through relationship.

The body learns if it can rely on this attachment to take care of me or do I need to take care of myself?! 


We come into this world helpless. Our attachment is the only one we can count on to keep us alive.

So it’s this deep primal biological need for survival. 


It’s not just a style or approach to parenting.

It’s not another thing you have to do.

All you do is take your place. You uphold your alpha role.

They rest in their dependent role.

And this hierarchy has to be in place their entire childhood. 


If they’re not attached they will be against you.

You are not safe.

They will defend against and protect themselves from you.

Which is going to look and feel like wrong or bad behavior. 


I’m pretty sure I’ll probably never choose the word easy to describe parenting,

but what I need you to know is, the concept is simple.

Attachment is the root cause to everything and any issue. 


If you don’t know about attachment and fill this primal need for them.

They’ll be stuck in survival mode and again this is where behavior shows up.

They’re literally trying to survive without you. 


You have to keep attachment going and strong and there is so much in our society that pulls us away from it.

You think it’s normal or typical, but most of it is in total opposition to attachment. 


They tell us parenting should be natural and instinctive, not today,

not when we’re so disconnected from our own bodies and intuition.

We were conditioned away from that a long time ago.

And we’ve lived our lives and now see the world through the wrong lens.

And that’s where we’re parenting from!

 We live in our heads and we look outside ourselves for the answers.


In 2024, I believe we’re all seeing how far removed we are from nature.

We are now paying for what is already ours and what is free.

This used to work because we lived in tune and commune with nature.

We didn’t have to consciously know because we were a part of the natural order. 


When you align with nature they will reach their fullest potential exactly as they should

and better than you could ever plan or do on your own. 


This is the safety you’re missing.

This is what your body needs to actually show up and parent.

Right now you’re doing your best, but it’s based off NOTHING!


When you know attachment you’ll have the awareness to know what’s going on.

You’ll know what needs support or attention so that you’re not wasting your life on band-aids. 


This is empowerment. You won’t need anyone or anything else, truly.

This is within you right now. You have all the power you need, you just need to know how it works. 


This is the foundation of being human. Safety and Connection. And this never changes.  


Learn this and you'll essentially learn how to be human

and along with that have your power to parent another human 


I want you to at least have the concept of attachment.

I want you to have the awareness because I believe that can shift so much in your life right now.

I want you to be EMPOWERED.

I want you to enjoy this journey.

And I want us to finally get it right so our kids can be happy and healthy and truly live their lives

and not waste their adulthood coping or healing from our parenting.


So please take the time to listen to the Vital Talk, I promise it’ll be worth it ♥

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