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Attachment theory will change

your understanding of babies forever!

Focusing your attention on this in the first few months matters more than anything else.

This is how you give them the absolute best start

because it's what carries them through their whole lives.

This is the information we should all be given as we prepare and before we bring our babies into the world.


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Attachment is the entire fundamental piece to parenting. It's your power and it positions your child

exactly where they need to be, to be parented and develop fully in the healthiest way. 

You have all the power to parent, you just have to know how it works. It’s all you have to do.

Know your role and step into it. 

This is the foundational information that never changes.

This is empowerment. 


5 SENSORY_edited.png

When you understand sensory processing,

you’ll know how you and your child

actually make sense of your world.

Instead of more band-aids for behaviors.

Behavior is only a response to this sensory aversion.

You have your own sensitivities

and your own best way to approach them. 

There isn’t necessarily something wrong or a bigger problem. It could simply be a sensitivity!


6 PROTECTION_edited.png

Behavior is a stress response! 

If you focus only on behavior,

you’re overlooking the hidden stress.

There are so many hidden stressors.

The whole stress cycle.

So you can actually recognize what stresses YOUR body.

Then to complete these cycles and restore your body. 

When you restore you have capacity for more

and you don't get stuck in states. 

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