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I just want you to see it through the nervous system lens

and at least know what’s really happening to their body

so you can make an informed and conscious choice in how you use them! 

Let's start with the truth of it all


Which just means you have to know when you give them a screen you WILL deal with withdrawal.

It means you don't blame them for what is a natural healthy reaction.

You can understand they're acting crazy because their body is trying to regulate.

And I'm going to give you the how to and what to do to support them and you.

My goal in this Playbook is to encourage you to experiment for yourself.

That’s all you should ever do with all the information out there ☺

The most important thing you can do is


Find out who your child is without screen time.

When you have the answer, you’ll be able to make more empowered decisions,

because it will be OBVIOUS to you when they’ve moved away from their baseline.

Who are they when their brain is neither stimulated by or withdrawing from the effects of a screen?!

How long have screens been in their life?

How many years have they been taught not to feel? 

The more you use the screen the less you relate to your sensations. 

The less you’re able to perceive sensation.

The more dissociated you become.

Especially for kids, because this is when they’re developing all of this.

This is the period where they learn how to perceive and feel and we’re giving them screens.


So if and when you have a teenager...if they grow up with a screen...

they’re growing up with the habit of disassociating from their body for something that’s really dopamine rich.

They grow up actually experiencing addiction.

A developing body growing up with screens is going to have a very hard time as an adult to self regulate.

Screens are a legal drug. It’s a socially acceptable addiction. Everyone’s doing it. Our society runs on it. 


As parents we have to protect them!

When they’re in isolation they learn how to cope. They zone out or dissociate. 

Screens are just the new way to do it. They’re not the cause.


Access to the Circle platform on website + mobile.

Audios + pdf downloads.

The Prep, Steps and After Plan of doing a Reset to find the Baseline.

In this time you'll gain the knowledge of how their body works and responds to screens.

Then you'll know how to support it. 

This will be the option you foundationally set for your child. 

They may still choose to use screens, but they'll know how to do it consciously.

And when they use it they'll get off and know how to come back into their body.

You give them this habit to go along with the screen.

They have the felt experience and that lives in them. 


Dopamine and addiction

Different types of screens + Content

Awareness + Capacity

What it does to the brain and body

Stimulation not relaxation

How it affects kids bodies deeper

Reduce and Replace

Healthy responses

The body as the compass

Sleep + Light + Circadian rhythms

Using as a bridge to co-regulation

Somatics: Titration and Pendulation practices

To support the body before, during and after

Movement + Release

Self interaction and Regulation

Body’s threshold and capacity

Conditions that support optimal integration

How to adjust common habits

How to address kids reactions + avoid traps

Prepare, Reset, Tracking

The After Plan

Your work = thoughts or issues that might come up for you + how to support them

Simple Spiral + Kid STEPS

Free month in the INTENTIONAL Membership


Private space in Circle. Share + Explore Together

Ask questions, gather insight + inspiration, receive support + guidance. 

A group of moms learning and growing like you with concepts most aren't even aware of.

I'm in there too because I'm still just one of you!

Empowered YOU is waiting on the other side of that button ♥

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You are worth all that it takes to embody who you truly are and mother from that place

You are worth it 

Your child is worth it 

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