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How many ways do you know how to BE WITH your child?!

I've got 30 for you!

Did you think there was that many ways to be with someone?! ☺

I'm going to give you the core concept to this idea of 'being with' 

Of course it's rooted in the nervous system (our bodies) and attachment (our relationships)

ya know the foundation of this whole human experience!

Then I'm going to give you 30 ways to bring it into your life every day

easy, totally doable ways to actually show up

the BEING part, the how to, in real life, in real time

from a natural, authentic, intuitive place

that takes little effort or thought

without even needing your full capacity

It’s not you! It’s what they bring up for you!  

That’s the secret…that’s what you need to learn to be with. How to be with your stuff AND your child.

If you don't address your nervous system then you'll never truly be able to be with them. 

And however you try to cover it up, their body knows and wires to cope with the lack of attunement.

It’s simple and it’s really so perfect.

You heal yourself WHILE being with them,

which is everything and all they need to truly learn emotional regulation.

Fill 2 needs with 1 deed.

When you can be with them.

They get what they truly need from you, connection and co-regulation.

Most importantly you’re showing up as the alpha and securing attachment.

You're engaging their instincts so it’s so much easier and enjoyable to parent and be with them.

You're ultimately teaching them through their body (the only place they learn and wire)

what a healthy relationship looks and feels like! 

I'm going to normalize that it feels hard...because it IS Hard.

while also explaining you can stop giving yourself a hard time for not always being perfect

1. because you are human 

2. because how do you give what you never received or experienced?!

Even with all of our love and best intentions it can be hard for our bodies.

But a little goes a long way with your body! And THIS is about the long game.

That’s what makes the moments hard...your goal isn’t for the moment.

Your goal is all they’ll gain if you can show up and be with them just enough.

If you’re not being with, YOU'RE RESISTING.


You want to grow your capacity every time and for the next time. 


If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you never have the chance to stretch this place in you. 


You transmute the discomfort you once felt in these moments into toleration.

And the more capacity your body has, the more you can be with your kids.

The easier and smoother and faster you move through the hard places.


BEING WITH your kids and with yourself can become just LIVING ♥

Insight + Ideas + Inspiration

Touch the primal need of attachment and strengthen it

Not just surface level connection

How to make it safe for your body

How to wire this as a core knowing in your child's body

Stories + Examples  = Proof + Pudding ☺


This isn't just a script or strategy to follow or remember. You'll be able to implement this for YOUR family.

How to model it and plan together with easy explanations so your kids have this foundational understanding too.

You’re building the nervous system foundation and core concept of relationship.

When you meet their needs, you're installing this core truth that becomes the background of everything they do as they grow up.

When they get countless experiences of you being there, they gradually learn self regulation. 

When you show up they’re learning that somebody is there when they need them.

And as they grow, that's in their body, wired so they can manage their own emotions without your physical presence.


Access to the Circle platform on website + mobile.

The Playbook is a downloadable 34 page pdf + Audio


My One Word Strategy






The balance between offering too much and too little

How to not be with them too much or take on their stuff (If you’re an empath or highly sensitive)

Meeting them where they are

The balance between firm and kind

The idea of being the bigger, stronger and wiser one

Being with happens in the little moments how to really capture these as we’re all so busy getting through life

Simple Spiral + Kid STEPS

Free month in the INTENTIONAL Membership


Private space in Circle. Share + Explore Together

Ask questions, gather insight + inspiration, receive support + guidance. 

A group of moms learning and growing like you with concepts most aren't even aware of.

I'm in there too because I'm still just one of you!

Empowered YOU is waiting on the other side of that button ♥

$ 2 7

You are worth all that it takes to embody who you truly are and mother from that place

You are worth it 

Your child is worth it 

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