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Attachment theory will change your understanding of babies forever!

Spending your time and focusing your attention on this in the first few months matters more than anything else.


This is how you give them the absolute best start because it's what carries them through their whole lives.

This establishes how they will function emotionally and psychologically and in every relationship.

​This is their blueprint for how others will receive, respond to and meet their emotional and physical needs.

This is the most critical piece to their development. Truly nothing else is as important. 

You need to know how to attune to them and provide secure attachment.

So here's all the foundational information on how to do it right, from the very beginning.

I need you to know, because it seems crazy, but when it comes to attachment, love is not enough!

It's not based on quality of care or even the bond of love.

It's based on the quality of the nonverbal communication that takes place between you and your baby.

They need more than love in order for their brains and nervous systems to develop in the best way possible.

If they feel emotionally disconnected they'll feel confused and insecure, no matter how much they're loved.

This course will give you all you need to know exactly how to attune and co-regulate with your baby.

How to prepare for secure attachment during pregnancy, at birth and first hours.

Ways to nurture secure attachment. Find your baby's unique cues. Keep track of emotional milestones.

Concepts of crying, sleeping and play as they relate to attachment.

How your capacity, emotions and how you were parented affects your child and what you can do to do better.

All the different attachment styles. Find out yours and how it affects your parenting.

How you can earn secure attachment if they're not babies.

This is the guidebook we should all be given as we prepare and before we bring our babies into the world. 

Even if you're past will benefit so much and learn how you can earn secure attachment.

Do this for you and your baby! It's the greatest gift you can give them. 

It makes me SO happy to share this every time because I know YOU won't have to look back

and wish you would've known and done these SIMPLE things. 

Attachment Theory

Secure Attachment

Love is not enough




Ways to nurture

Unique cues




How you were parented

Your capacity + emotions

Attachment styles

Earned secure attachment


This Spiral is extra special to me because I wish I would’ve known…

I don’t know why this isn’t the number one thing we’re told to do!

You won’t have to look back and wish you would’ve done these simple things.

And all I know about the nervous system, I truly believe this matters the most.

Your baby is extra lucky! 

When you know the power of attachment and how our nervous systems shape our lives.

You will know the gift you are giving them.

By having this understanding you will be so much more equipped and empowered. 

Come back to this often to remind yourself of the power of attachment.

I hope this supports you and your baby ♥

love + light,  jen

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