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sit with the mothers who are healing and breaking their generational curses, the conversation is different.


Not here to overwhelm or just fill with things you don’t need. 


Precise practices, tools to try to customize your plan. 


Coaching on how the NS directly affects parenting

Learn tools to down regulate immedaitlely and sustainably

Develop increased sense of inner safety

Release stored toxic stress from your system to increase your stress capacity


This library is an excellent and affordable way to deepen your understanding of the body and have a weekly practice around somatics.


Guided practices

Mini talks of insight + inspiration


Growing library

Of tools for you and your kids


Simple Spiral Steps

Kid Steps


Connection Collection

Self Time Collection


Breathwork Experience




Theme Talk

QA Call

Weave + Demo Call


Kid Tools

Kid Call



ongoing exploration, education, and practices within a collective.


You want to educate yourself, without drowning in the sea of search engines, where each article seems to contradict the next


You need guidance that’s affordable, impactful, relevant, and on-going - and that’s right there, right when you need it


Encourages living attuned to your nervous system to prevent overwhelm and burnout

Provides you with daily tools and practices to keep you connected to your body and truth

Connects you with a community of people all doing the work!


Lonely in your personal growth journey, to feeling held, supported, and challenged in community 


Live Q&A Call

ask questions, share your experiences


New Actionable Resources

two new resources every month. align with the monthly lessons, complement and enhance your learning journey. They will be guides, exercises or practices that you can integrate right away, 


Let me quickly explain community to you in terms of your nervous system, in how we are made to really be with each other. 


To be seen by a group of people, to hear similar stories, to be held by the mycelial network of other bodies and nervous systems is something our bodies know so deeply.

This is where we came from: collective processing and weaving. Our ancestors did this. It wasn't novel or special or even a service.

It was a way of life.


This is how we're weaving deeper connections, conversations, and teaching the powerful work of somatics beyond the feed of social media.


I will do a demo each week and provide a somatic exercise. These are so important and incredibly helpful.


It's hard to describe what somatic work is without seeing it live, in real-time and everyone learns in different ways.


One way to free ourselves from stuck states is to witness the states of others.


Your mirror neurons get primed and you find things clicking that you may not have gotten before. 


You put pieces of your own puzzle together, by watching another woman work through the pieces of hers.


Even if the situation doesn't exactly relate to yours, the somatic work always will.


It is how you feel, perceive and understand how to use them in your parenting, relationships and every day life.


They are powerful tools to see, know and have.


I'm constantly learning, growing + evolving. I will share new ideas, practices, and tools that I'm trying and using.


Private community to share and explore together. Support and be supported. Connect with like-hearted women. 


Neuro-Somatic Applied Neurology Session 

teach applied neurology principles and help you learn how to train your unique nervous system to create more well-being, presence and resilience.


You're never going to get to new, uncomfortable, alive, free, and expansive places with free 10-slide Instagram posts and 30-second reels. 


When you scroll and consume, you're literally getting breadcrumbs. Why won't you let yourself have more than breadcrumbs? Why do you settle for the surface-level, feel-good, mic-drop content instead of investing in what is actually transformative and nourishing to you?


I think it’s important especially as a Mom and one who is in the space of healing, a deeper space to find others in the same space. To be surrounded by moms who understand you, inspire you, care about you, and uplift you.


I want to cultivate the space where you feel safe, held, supported and to actually experience what’s possible. Not just see it on a never ending feed. 


This is a place to come to pour into yourself a lot more. A curated organized space at that. 


I know you’re a Mom first, but you can’t be last anymore. I will show you how to put you first and include your kids and what that looks like 


If only we all knew. I’m here to shift this paradigm. You think it’s about being a parent which it all adds to, but when you get to yourself the rest follows. 


This membership will be alive. You will actually learn how to feel and then feel here. 


Your presence and energy. 

Things that can only happen through the beautiful cycle of exchange, of reciprocity, of give and take. 


Your energy amplifies mine. And each one of you that joins makes this collective even more. Lighter and brighter even if you feel heavy and ………


This is the place that lights me up and inspires me by each story, each share, each shift you have…gives me more ways to support you. 


 I want us to grow and do this together. 


The people around you create the energy around you.  When you are surrounded by people who are committed to growth and creation, the frequency stays high.  

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