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When you understand sensory processing, you’ll know how you and your child actually make sense of the world.

Your life will open up in a whole new way on a much better level. Your level! 

You weren't taught this essential piece to how you interact with your environment and others and how deeply it affects you.  

You have your own sensitivities and your own best way to approach them. 

You respond in different ways to sensory input. It depends on the type of input and sensitivities you have.

It'll only better your life and how you're able to feel in your body and experience everything when you know yours. 

What is being labeled as an issue or a condition…is only the need to know your unique body and nervous system.

There isn’t necessarily something wrong or a bigger problem. It could simply be a sensitivity!

It could just be that the nervous system is dysregulated and this is the way it’s asking the body for safety.

Children’s sensory processing abilities improve and mature as they get older. Their sensory needs also change with time.

So not only is this important foundational information, but a great resource to continually refer to. 

You'll know and they'll know their own bodies and understand when something is changing or different. 

You'll have the knowledge and awareness and empowerment to know what it is and what to do. 


Stress is anything that brings your body out of balance.

A stressor is anything you expend energy on to get your body back to balance.

It’s not about managing emotions. Stress is psychological. It’s in our bodies. 

Your goal isn’t to eliminate stress because that’s impossible. Stress is necessary. 

Your goal is to know your stressors then reduce them and then restore your body from the stress.



​A stress response is out of your control and driven by a need for you to find safety.

If you focus only on behavior, you’re overlooking the hidden stress.

You're ignoring the valuable information that can help you understand the WHY, the stressor.


There are so many hidden stressors. It's so important to know yours.

The whole stress cycle. So you can actually recognize what stresses YOUR body.

Then to complete these cycles and restore your body. When you know how to support and be in this cycle... 

life is easier and FEELS so much better! You can regulate and restore yourself. Empowerment!

When you restore you have capacity for more. Your stress load returns to baseline so you don't get stuck in states. 



 Foundational information about sensory processing. 

Find your sensitivities (and theirs, this all refers to you both!) Look at how input effects different systems. 

Break down of all 8 senses. How each might show up for you. Prompts to notice in your life. 

Things to do, tools, practices to support each sensory system. 

Prompts to better understand the internal and external experience of each sensitivity. 

Playbook and Activities to build your toolbox. To bring this full body awareness and connection as your foundation. 

Develop your own understanding of your body and its communication.

To become fluent in its language is the most important skill you can have. The most empowering! 

Tips for the overstimulation we encounter as moms and how to express and share with our kids to support ourselves better.

Sensory + Development Foundational Information. Plan. Action. Workbook. Playbook. Activities. Overstimulation for Moms


Your personal guide to you (and your child's) body, stress and stressors. 

How to manage stress and your energy. Recognize stress in your body and bring it back into balance.

Identify stress behavior. Find the specific stressors through the domains of stress.

How to reduce the stressors. 

Regulating tools to reduce tension and manage the stress response in the moment.

 Restorative tools to reduce stress AND replenish energy.

Rewire your body to register rest as SAFE. Quiet and calm are not the same.

Many kids struggle to identify what calm feels like, especially if they're chronically stressed and dysregulated.

They need to experience what it FEELS like to be calm in their body. 

Feeling calm only comes from the pleasure of releasing tension and being aware that it is happening. 

Stress Behavior. Stressors. Reduce. Awareness. Regulation. Action Plan. Playbook. Restore. Rest + Calm


Send me your answers to my questions ☺ and I will reply with helpful insight. 

I want to know you and your story, so I can support and initially guide you on your journey.

I will help pinpoint your core issues and advise where to best place your energy going in. 

I know this will transform you! And I will make sure you receive as much as you can to integrate and experience true change.

This will NOT just be another thing. I've done way too many of those myself and I've created this for that exact reason.

You can return when you need to refresh or re-evaluate as you move through new stages.

You have lifetime access to the Spiral.


Community to share and explore together. Support and be supported. Connect with like-hearted women. 

One month free access to the INTENTIONAL membership which opens April 2024.

This will give you the space to ask all your questions whenever you're ready.


You are worth all that it takes to embody who you truly are and mother from that place

You are worth it 

Your child is worth it 

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